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Published on November 20th, 2013 | by admin


Starting a Vape Business

People have been messaging us and asking us how to start a vape shop.

Here are few links and resources to get you started on your online vape shop. I will be adding links from time to time and update this post.


WP Engine – costs a little more than hostgator, but it is one of the best managed hosting solutions right now. WP Engine costs more, but its worth the money and we recommend them especially if you’re using it for your vape shop.

WordPress – WordPress is a content management system with a simple and easy to use backend for your ecommerce site/blog.

Mailchimp – A great resource to build your customer list. Email marketing is an important aspect of marketing your new vape shop. Remember, people hate spam, so be wary of how often you send mail to your customers.


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