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Published on September 25th, 2013 | by R.J. Kim

40 Attorney Generals Want to Regulate E-Cigs

40 attorney generals from around the nation sent a letter to the US FDA urging the administration to meet its own self imposed deadline to regulate the increasingly popular ecigarettes.

At the moment, there are no federal age restrictions on ecigarettes. The attorney generals want to regulate ecigs like “traditional tobacco products.”

The letter also admitted to lack of information and studies regarding the health effects of ecigarettes. Although Massachusetts Attorney, Martha Coakley, said  “people, especially kids, are being led to believe that e-cigarettes are a safe alternative, but they are highly addictive and can deliver strong doses of nicotine.”

Editors Note:

I understand the need for regulations, but demonizing ecigarettes is not the path we should be taking.


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